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Best selling author Susan Hailey always has so many ideas jostling for attention in her mind, which leads to some pretty remarkable literary works. Both Ravina and Mr. Impossible are currently in their editing stage and due for release in 2021 - stay tuned for more updates!

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She'll have to find a way to fight and get back to the life she loves. No one expected such a large group of followers to unleash such misery to stop her.


Ravina, the remarkable, beautifully written story is guaranteed to keep you up at night and about to become one of the season’s most talked-about releases.


He's lived a full life of success and luxury, proud of his arrogant reputation. Unfortunately, perfection has a price and he is about to sacrifice the one thing who is more than happy to make a dramatic, permanent exit.


Mr. Impossible is a culmination of compelling storytelling, excellent vision and fantastic character development. This upcoming 2021 release is bound to be a hit.